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Ditch the House and Rent

22 August 2018

Downsizing is becoming a popular trend. People are starting to see the value in living a more simple life and at the same time saving money. Downsizing doesn’t even mean small and cramped, you can still have a comfortable lifestyle with ample space in an apartment.

Here are some reasons to ditch the house, and rent!

  1. Less Upkeep: When you have less floor space, then you don’t have as much to clean. Even going from a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house to a two bedroom, two bath apartment is a huge difference. By living in a smaller place, you are forced to get rid of the furniture and extras that aren’t completely essential to you. It teaches you how to prioritize the things in your life. The grounds are perfectly kept for you to enjoy without having to pull a single weed. With less to upkeep, you’ll have more time to spend doing what you love.
  2. Meet New People: Apartments are giant communities with plenty of neighbors.
  3. Save Money: With apartment-living, you’re able to save more.
  4. Having More Mindful Space: Sometimes a home can be just plain too big. Everyone starts living separate lives in separate parts of the house. With the closer quarters, you’ll be able to spend more time together in shared space. It’s a great way to interact and bond with those you are living with.

Less can be more, and in the case of everyday living, less can be a blessing. Think about all of the time, money, and energy you’ll save by renting. Use your saved funds to travel the world, or donate to causes that you are passionate about. Treat yourself by taking it easy and downsizing to a comfortable apartment.

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